About Us

Birding Paradise Colombia

We are a Colombian company with more than five years of experience in the Birdwatching, photography and nature tourism market. We know the biodiversity that we have as a country, since each region of Colombia has something unique and diverse to show and experience. We help our tourists live a unique experience in each place they visit in the country, discovering new birds, plants, butterflies, amphibians, mammals and wonderful landscapes, as well as enjoying the gastronomic and cultural variety

Our tours stand aside because they are tailored based on your time availability and needs. As such, our itineraries and logistical aspects are designed so your time is highly productive and your visit very exclusive. Even though we specialize in birds, you will also find in each spot, particular flora and fauna species.

It is important for us that you are comfortable and that is why we always offer an array of lodging and transportation options, that together with guides that are passionate about birding and nature will augment your experience.

We are committed to the peace process in Colombia, working with community tourism supporting locals as we do buy products made by ex-militants, for instance, coffee, marmalades, snacks and artisanal beer.

Birding Paradise Colombia

My name is Liliana Trujillo and I have been a birdwatching and photography guide for five years. I travel the country in search of the best spots for birdwatching and bird photography. I am co-founder of Birding Paradise Colombia. I am passionate about nature, landscapes, flora and fauna in my homeland, so come with me so you can know it as well.