Birding Paradise Colombia

Tailor Made Tours, Bird Watching photography and nature tourism

Birding Paradise Colombia has tailor made tours, we adapt to your time and needs, we design itineraries and logistics so that your time is highly productive and your visit is exclusive.

Birding Paradise Colombia

Social and environmental commitment

We are committed to the peace processes in Colombia, we buy products made by ex-combatants of the armed conflict and other social actors who were victims of the war in our country, who after the peace process organized themselves and are now people of peace, cultivate coffee, they make craft beer, snacks, they produce organic honey and other products; In the same way, we work with community tourism supporting local populations, visiting forest reserves where there is protection of vulnerable bird species, supporting local guides and teaching the new generations to take care of the birds in the territories in which they live.

Birding Paradise Colombia

Food and Culture

Birding Paradise Colombia wishes that its tourists, plus to bird watching, bird photography and nature tourism, can enjoy a varied gastronomic offer in the places that are visited, in some of the places visited they can enjoy the food that is grown in the region, as well as special coffees, sweets with fruits of the forest, organic and healthy food; In the same way, in the different tours of Colombia you can appreciate the different cultures that our territory has, the dances, the streets and their homes, the people, each corner of Colombia has something different that makes it unique.